American serial killer ‘Monster’ Jeffrey Dahmer | A cannibal who fed on Human | Netflix series based on his life | 2022

Jeffrey Dahmer who is a known American Serial Killer convicted of killing 17 men and boys between the year 1978 to 1991. Until recently he has been a subject of interest as Netflix has planned to produce a series based of his life. Jeffrey who is also known as the ‘Monster‘ and had multiple names like Milwaukee Monster and Milwaukee Cannibal. Jeffrey’s character in the series will be played by Evan Peters, who is popularly known for his character Quicksilver in the X-men movie and other Marvel Cinematic Universe series like Wandavision.

American serial killer Monster Jeffrey Dahmer A cannibal who fed on Human Netflix series based on his life 2022
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Jeffrey Dahmer have also been a issue of interest for many movie and Series makers and he was also seen in a Song by Kesha. Having said that Jeffrey’s past actions are those made out of a true criminals’ desires, the brutality committed by Dahmer in the past were the most shocking and horrifying actions ever done in the American History.

Read more about the man person behind that Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer, but just be aware because what you are about to learn might be really disturbing.

What all crimes were committed by Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey was insanely dangerous and especially a cruel serial murderer and sex offender who killed young men and boys. Moreover, being a murderer and a rapist – which is itself a brutal crime, he was also into cannibalism (who feeds on human flesh), necrophilia (sexual desires with a dead body), dismemberment (cutting off human joints and limbs) and even tried to bring back his victims to life after killing them.

What was the reason behind Jeffrey’s desire of eating people?

There is no conclusive evidence as to why Jeffrey was into cannibalism, but hypothetically speaking according to a famous Psychologist Dr.Eric Hickey, who have studied crime psychology from California State University. Dr.Eric explained his theories on Cannibalism “Cannibals are those who sense troubled of not having a proper relationship. And feeding on human flesh, gives them a sense of authority that now that person will never leave him “. I understand that this sounds crazy but that’s how Cannibalism actually works.

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According to Dr.Hickey, Cannibals generally act on their victim’s death faster so that the pain is less. “They are not interested in the suffering of the dead. They’re not even sadistic.” They are worried about having into the body.

Dr. Hickey further added ” Cannibalism is a gruesome intimate and sexual act for the ones performing it.

“Whenever the criminal commit a murder, they are doing that out of pleasure and feeling of intimacy,” he further added. ” first they start with experimenting with sexual desires of necrophilia and going forward they start to have a sense of belonging to that body, they start fantasizing their victim’s behavior and actions. But the difference here is you don’t generally observe criminals from killing and then feeding on the dead body. And it begins with observing the victim in sleep, and then making them unconscious, and then finally the sense of being with that dead person.”

The number of people did Jeffrey Dahmer ate:

The final count of dead victims which Dahmer fed upon is hard to figure out, but the refrigerator at Jeffrey’s residence had about 17 dead bodies the moment he was arrested, and he acknowledged to his crime that he ate most of his victims body parts (mainly their hearts) and legs, and confessed of eating bicep of one his victim.

How did Jeffrey got arrested?

Jeffrey was arrested on the day he invited a person named Tracy Edwards to his residence and reportedly proposed cash to stay there. When Edwards attempted to leave, Jeffrey ran after him through the bedroom with a chopping hatchet. Edwards somehow managed to get rid of him and fled, on his way back he blocked a police vehicle and conveyed the complete incident to the officer and the officers finally caught Jeffrey in his bedroom with a knife.

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