2022 Emmy Awards for Creative Arts – Night Two | US News

History of Emmy

In Late 1949, the Television Arts and Science’s Academy formed the Emmy Awards to acknowledge outstanding artists and technical excellence in the television film industry. During its initial years, the award ceremony was accessible only to Los Angeles viewers and they awarded only local shows. But in current era people worldwide can enjoy the prestigious show’s live telecast at the comfort of their home. As the years progressed, the Emmy Awards have also grown from strength to strength and the ambassadors and broadcasters have put in immense effort in expanding the show globally, with broadcasting rights alternating between several merged networks NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC.

2022 Emmy Awards for Creative Arts - Night Two | US News
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Speaking of how the internal structure of Emmy Awards is designed? There are different organizations divided which are responsible for different categories. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (based in Los Angeles, ATAS), The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (founded in New York, NATAS), The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (this is too based in New York, IATAS). These each corporations are looking after different sectors of award categories. ATAS manages the Primetime Emmys and the Technology & Engineering Emmys. IATAS supervises the initial broadcast globally. NATAS controls the Daytime Emmys, additionally it supervises the News & Documentary Emmys.

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The long and glorious history of Emmy running since 70 years of annual broadcast, the less known facts of long red carpet of historical Emmy Awards will be unfolded. Starting from ATAS and the Primetime Emmys. Syd Cassyd who was the founder of Academy came up with an idea that the Emmy Award must be named “like” iconoscope tube, which was the first experimental camera ever produced. The technology which helped scan pictures for television telecast. Beside its invention, Syd made a witty remark saying that new invention is not capable of solving the primary problem of television.

The name “like” didn’t stayed for long, as the members at the Academy identified that there was already a similar name for an old General Dwight D. “like” Elsenhower, a man who have served the country during the war and future to be President (sources : The Hollywood Reporter). Speaking further, Harry Lubcke academy’s 3rd President and a first person to discover television engineering put forward the name “Immy”, which was a similar term used for orthicon tube picture, which is a advanced version for the iconoscopic tube. This suggestion by Harry was considered by all the members at the Academy. And Later on, the name went on to a last adjustment and so it was finally proposed with the agreement of all the members at the Academy to give the name a feminine tone, and therefore the final name of the prestigious award was “Emmy”.

74th Creative Arts Emmy Awards held on September 3rd
Award for Outstanding “ANIMATED PROGRAM”

Winner – Arcane ( Netflix original Animated Series released on 6th November 2021 won the Emmy surpassing many competitors like Bob’s burgers, Rick and Morty and What if? )

Award for Outstanding “Voice over Performance”

Winner – Chadwick Boseman, What If…? (competed with Bridgerton from John Andrews, Moon Knight from F.Murray Abraham, Archer from Jessica Walter)

Award for Outstanding “Casting for Reality Program”

Winner – Love on the Spectrum U.S. (A Dani Brown starring streaming on Netflix has won the award for Best Casting in a Reality Program competing with tough opponents like Queer Eye, Top Chef, RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Award for Outstanding “Choreography for Nonfiction Program”

Winner – 100 Foot Wave ( against Annie Live!, Dancing with the stars, The Oscars)

Award for Outstanding “Cinematography for Reality Program”

Winner – Life Below Zero (against The Amazing Race, Deadliest Catch, Survivor, RuPaul’s Drag Race)

Award for Outstanding “Commercial”

Winner – “Teenage Dream” – BBDO New York and Smuggler (against “Detectives”, “Waller the Cat”, “Everyone But Jon Hamm”)

Award for Outstanding “DOCUMENTARY/NONFICTION”

Winner – Peter Jackson, The Beatles: Gest Back

Award for Outstanding “Direction for a Reality Program”

Winner – Nneka Onuorah, Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls ( against Cheer for Greg Whiteley, Top Chef for Ari Boles)

Award for Outstanding “Nonfiction Series”

Winner – The Beatles: Get Back (against 100 Foot Wave, We need to talk about Cosby, The Andy Warhol Diaries)

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